My Expat Life in Germany

Hi there! And welcome to My Life Diaries – Diaries of Ukrainian Expat in Germany

My story began back in summer 2013, when I came to Germany for two months to do a summer language course. One day our language school organized a study trip to Schmalkalden and did a tour on the campus of University of Applied Sciences.

Coming from a relatively small town in Ukraine, I have been so impressed – modern looking buildings combined with German architecture, cool library with cool scanners and printers, green fields to play sports or just lay in the sun. It was so overwhelming. It was actually my first time going abroad and I was impressed by every single tiny thing back then. That was exactly after this excursion, that I have firmly decided to pursue my Master’s degree in Germany.

So, after another year of hard studying, research, learning for IELTS language exam, passing my Bachelor exams, careful collection of needed documents and sending them to university, visa application and travel planning, I finally arrived to Germany on 29th September 2014. It was one of most exciting and eventful days of my life!

I officially started the new exciting chapter! I have never regretted my decision to move. Emotions I felt and experiences I got is so hard to describe with words! I am extremely grateful to my parents who helped and supported me on every single step of the process and my best friend, who I came to Germany with and who is like a sister to me ever since.

In this Blog Posts series I want to share with you my adventures! I want to create a platform which will be useful for many expats currently living in Germany or planning to come here. I will tell you all about Germany, it’s culture and traditions, my studies, internships I have done, job search and so much more. Stay tuned to receive up-to-date information!