I have discovered my love for photography back when I was doing my 9-months internship at Panasonic. There I have been working in marketing communications department together with digital imaging team. One of my assignment was event support during one of biggest industry fair in Cologne – “Photokina”. It was pretty amazing time and since then I am totally in love with it.

I remember one time, I have spent over three hours standing in one spot trying to make a perfect close-up shot of a bee. I didn’t feel tired or bored, I didn’t even notice this time to fly by – I realized it only after the sun started going down.

I have set up a profile on Pixabay, where my photos are available free of charge for personal and commercial use. You are welcome to browse through my gallery on Pixabay

Currently I am using my favorite camera – Panasonic Lumix DC with two lenses and my amazing phone Huawei P30 Pro. Later on I am planning on buying even more lenses to enrich my starter-kit.