Marketing Diaries

“The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.” — Tom Fishburne, Founder & CEO, Marketoonist

Hello, dear friends! You have landed on my Marketing Diaries page. You might be wondering what is it about and why is it here? When this blog is all about Personal Development and Expat Life in Germany?

Well, you are both right and wrong. The truth to be told, marketing has become a huge part of my life ever since I came to study in Germany. It all started with just an innocent class of International Marketing. Before I started it, I was not expecting anything special from it. I assumed it was just a usual boring class during which you just browse your phone trying not to draw too much attention to yourself. I was looking into the window waiting for the professor to finally appear. The door slightly opened and a middle aged man appeared. He slowly came in and looked around. All students quickly put down their phones and stared back. He introduced himself and there we go! That is how I got hooked up to marketing!

You will ask – what is the catch? What happened then? I will tell you. There are two different types of professors in this world – the ones who know their subject and those ones who live their subject. He was the one who lived his subject, you could see it from the way he spoke about it, from the way he interacted with the audience. There was not a single lecture of his that was boring and I never ever had a desire to look at my phone. 

The next thing I knew was me taking an Erasmus internship in Marketing and Social Media. I spent four amazing months in Czech Republic learning how marketing works in a start-up environment. I got even more hooked up! That is when I just didn’t want to stop!

Right upon my return from Czech Republic, basically one week later, I started nine months long internship in Marketing Communications. It was first time I have worked for a huge corporation. Here the whole mixture of feelings appeared – excitement, fear, happiness, joy. It was all at once, it basically swiped me off my feet. It was a brand new world for me. Meeting so many people, getting to know amazing colleagues, photographers and influencers, being part of Photokina photography fair! I was overwhelmed.

From that moment onward I realized, that I am in LOVE WITH MARKETING and that it is and will be an inevitable part of my life from now and forever. 

In these series of Blog Posts, I will share with you my love for Marketing, how cool it is and what I love most about it. I will share with you useful tips and give advise if you ever want to pursue this career path!


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