Personal Development

If I think about it, I have always been into the topic of Personal Development and Growth. Back at school, I have participated in Scientific Research Paper Conferences, back at university in English Language Business Conferences, I have also striven to learn more about my hobbies, in particular, photography. However, I could never describe to people what exactly my field of interest was or in which industry I would like to work.

I have written research papers in History about an amazing person – artist and restorer Kim Grigorovich Skalatski and his amazing contribution to art of Ukraine, in Biology about about the significance of moss in indication of the air pollution in cities, in Psychology about the differences in overall development levels of students pursuing in-depth language studies and in-depth math studies. 

But the truth is – how can I choose? Many might think that I am not ambitious, I have no goals in my life, no passion to follow. But the truth is – how can I have only one interest?  There is so much around us that is worth exploring, so much we can learn! 

If life taught me anything, it would be that you don’t necessarily have to like only one thing. I have had three internships in different companies in both B2B and B2C segments, and guess what? I loved all of them. After the first internship, I learned so much about Digital Imaging and bought my own camera. That is actually how my hobby started and now my camera is with me every single minute. After my internship in ICT industry, I have decided to write my thesis on the topic of “IoT and its Application in Healthcare Industry of Germany.” Working as Project Management and Business Operations intern gave me new insights about 5G and the world of engineering. 

The truth for me is, I don’t have to search for smth I already love to connect my life to, but I can choose to fall in love with what I do and excel in it. I truly believe in the concept of life-long learning and growing and wanna share this passion with you!

In this category of Blog Posts I will be sharing with you my journey of Personal Development and Growth, why is it so important, how do I want to continue growing and more importantly thinking positively about the world around us. I will also share with you some inspirational quotes and videos which helped me during difficult times!

Please, don’t forget to comment, I want to hear your story! 


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