Photo Walks

I have discovered my love for photography back when I was doing my 9-months internship at Panasonic. There I have been working in marketing communications department together with digital imaging team. One of my assignment was event support during one of biggest industry fairs in Cologne – “Photokina”. It was pretty amazing time and since then I am totally in love with photography.

I remember one time, I have spent over three hours standing in one spot trying to make a perfect close-up shot of a bee (you can see my best attempt in the header). I didn’t feel tired or bored, I didn’t even notice this time to fly by – I realized it only after the sun started going down. I have set up a profile on Pixabay, where my photos are available free of charge for personal and commercial use. You are welcome to browse through my gallery on Pixabay. Currently I am using my favorite camera – Panasonic Lumix DC with two lenses and my amazing phone Huawei P30 Pro. Later on I am planning on buying even more lenses to enrich my starter-kit.

You might be wondering, what exactly is waiting for you in my Photography Diaries? Well, I had this idea for quite a while. The thing is that sometimes, I can just stroll around the town for hours, trying to find perfect angles for a shot, to show the way I see the world through the lenses of my camera. I call those Photo Walks. And that is exactly what we will be doing here! Going on my numerous photo walks in different places all over the world!  

I hope you will join me on my Photography Walks and together we will enjoy the beautiful world around us together! Follow my social media below to get even more updates.

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