Job Search Portals in Germany

Job Search Portals in Germany

Hi, there, friends! Today I want to start series of blog posts on the topic of working in Germany and in the first post we will talk about job search in Germany. It is one of the most popular topics among expat community. Whether you are a fresh graduate having just finished a degree, established professional in the field looking for a career change or having just been let go by your company, the most widespread method of job search is of course Internet. All positions I have ever had I found nowhere else, but on job search portals. Of course, there are also employee referrals, word-of-mouse advertisements and job fairs. But, only a small percentage of people actually find a job that way. Most of the times, we have to apply via job search portals. Therefore, in today’s post we will go through the most popular job search websites in Germany.

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