Job Search Portals in Germany

Job Search Portals in Germany

Hi, there, friends! Today I want to start series of blog posts on the topic of working in Germany and in the first post we will talk about job search in Germany. It is one of the most popular topics among expat community. Whether you are a fresh graduate having just finished a degree, established professional in the field looking for a career change or having just been let go by your company, the most widespread method of job search is of course Internet. All positions I have ever had I found nowhere else, but on job search portals. Of course, there are also employee referrals, word-of-mouse advertisements and job fairs. But, only a small percentage of people actually find a job that way. Most of the times, we have to apply via job search portals. Therefore, in today’s post we will go through the most popular job search websites in Germany.

  • LinkedIn – one of my most favorite places to search for a job. LinkedIn is huge professional community created for the purposes of networking, job search and professional learning. Currently it has more than 675 million users. It is mind-blowing how huge the platform is. For me, it is a great chance to stay connected with my past and present colleagues and actually do some job search. LinkedIn offers a huge variety of different roles available all over the world; you can create your CV using LinkedIn and fill your profile with all your accomplishments. Some companies might contact you if your profile corresponds to their search. Just remember to fill in the necessary information and keep your profile updated. LinkedIn offers both free and premium memberships. Premium membership expands your possibilities in terms of online learning, hiring insights and ability to see who checked your profile etc.
  • – another great source for job search. Indeed is an employment portal created back in 2014. It quickly gained popularity as simple to use and very ground to earth solution offering a wide variety of job postings on daily basis. It has company profiles available as well as reviews of the same companies. You can fill in your profile and create a resume there too. Website supports easy apply function as well as can transfer you to the main application page. I really love this portal since it has to offer many possibilities.
  • – one of the most popular job portals in Germany. It is a great source for job search; however, I would choose it probably after Indeed and LinkedIn. It offers daily updates on new positions, has great filtering option, where you can choose in which language you want a job ad to be, city, type of contract etc. It has a good deal of English-peaking vacancies as well. Definitely my top 5 portals I would say. And even better – the portal itself is offered in English language! Yey!
  • another nice website to search for a job in Germany. I am searching for positions there from time to time. It is a great source to check the reviews of the company or anonymously submit your company review alongside with the salary. I highly recommend it if you want to check the company you have interview with and see reviews about it, as well as some tips on interviews. 
  • Neuvoo – one of the popular job search engines. It, basically, collects the job ads from different portals and websites and presents it alongside with the salary range for specific profession you are interested in. You can create job alert for specific position and be notified every time some new job posting appears there.
  • The Local Germany – a job portal by website Local Germany, which offers number of English speaking jobs. Unfortunately, the selection is not extremely big for now, but you might be able find something for you in English.
  • (+ Jobpilot) – another source of employment opportunities. I used to check it out a lot while searching for an internship; however, it also has many other offers of job positions. You can filters jobs based on the posting date, type of contract, radius of search and city. It also has a section on career advice, where you can find many articles on job search tips, CVs and cover letters. It offers couple of CV templates as well. Unfortunately, the website is only available in German.
  • XING – a German-based social networking platform, similar to LinkedIn. Has many daily job postings and offers tons of information on job search and free CV and cover letter templates. Xing also has a free to use platform – a service of Xing. It has a great CV and Cover Letter builder with rather few templates, where you can actually build your resume very easily just by registering on the website.
  • Jobrapido – another website worth taking look at while searching for a job. It has many different job opportunities to offer. It is completely in German, but as in all other portals in is very intuitive even if you don’t know any German.
  • – the job portal for students, recent graduates and young professionals in Germany. You can find number of positions for internship, trainee, or junior job listings. The website also offers number of career tips. The website is offered only in German.
  • Jobscout24 – another portal for the job search in Germany. Offers a good range of opportunities all over Germany. However, in my opinion, the choice is not too big. However, I was able to find few good options. 
  • Bundesagentur für Arbeit – a website of Federal Employment Agency. The website is in German language and offers many different positions; of course, most of them are in German. Here filtering options are available based on type of offer, time limitation, working hour’s models and town of your preference. You can also subscribe for a newsletter and receive job offers per Email. The only downside for me was too less English-speaking job offerings.
  • Make It in Germany Job Listings – the website of Federal Government of Germany, it offers information about immigration to Germany, as well as many useful articles for expats on multiple topics. Their job listings originally come from the Federal Employment Agency job board.
  • EURES – The European Job Mobility Portal. As the name suggests, this job portal is not only for Germany, but also for entire EU. You can find tons of useful information about working in different countries of EU see their job listings as well as create your CV via the platform. You are also free to check national portals of different EU countries (hint – German national site will redirect you to Federal Employment Agency)
  • MeineStadt – it is, basically, a portal for all cities and municipalities of Germany. You can find tons and tons of information there regarding the city you want to move too, as well as job listings. Here you can filter jobs based on the branch, date of posting, employer, and working hours. Most of the listings, as well as website itself, are in German. From time to time, you can find a job in English though. The website also offers a special website for apartment search, dating, events, cars and so many more. If you know some German and are interested to read more about the city of choice, it is a great source of information. I highly recommend it.
  • AZUBIYO – a platform for vocational training and so called dual curriculum. Here you can find a great filter option based on date when you want to start, which type of education you are pursuing, specialization and so many more. The website is utterly in German, as well as most of the positions offered there.

Other job portals are less popular and honestly, I have never used them for my job search, maybe except for few cases. You are more than welcome to check those out.


Hey, there! Good luck with your job search. I hope this article was helpful for you. Hold in there, do not give up! The job of your dream might be just few mouse clicks away from you.

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