Lindt Chocolate Shop in Aachen

Hey, everyone and happy 3rd Advent to you! Hope you already feeling Christmas spirit at your home. I definitely do, although I haven’t even decorated Christmas tree yet. But! I am already playing all the possible Christmas songs. Today I would like to share with you one of my recent trips to Aachen to buy some chocolate from Lindt Chocolate shop. Yes, you guessed right – it was amazing! 

So, first let’s start about talking a little bit about Lindt itself. I bet if you ever were in Germany, you have heard this name. Nowadays this is one of most famous brands of chocolate all over Europe! It all started back in 1800 in Zurich with a small confectionery established by David Sprüngli and his son! Yes, it happened more than 200 years ago, just imagine that. Their first shop was located in the old town of Zurich, exactly where they have created their first chocolate bar. And it became success. What was just a small confectionery by 1847 grew into a factory in Horgen!

But then how does Rodolphe Lindt come into the picture? And what is the connection between him and David Sprüngli? Well, that is the most interesting part! While Sprüngli’s was growing in size, back in Berne, the son of the pharmacist Rodolph Lindt also opened his own small confectionery. The only problem was that his sweets seamed to be the same as everyone, therefore he kept experimenting with the chocolate, but there seemed to be no success with that.  Until one night. What appeared to be the simple mistake turned the whole world around. One night he forgot to switch off the conching machine. It has worked throughout the entire weekend. And on  Monday, when he came back to check on the chocolate, he was amazed. The chocolate has acquired whole another flavor. That is how the entire process of making chocolate has been changed. However Lindt kept a recipe of his chocolate for a while. Only in 1899 the two met. That exact year was when their partnership has started. [Click for more about Lindt history]

The company continued to grow expanding into more and more markets all over the world. Today Lindt is world renowned producer of premium chocolate. They have number of factories all over the world, including one in Aachen. Unfortunately due to Corona pandemic, I have decided to just visit their store for now and postpone factory visit for later. 

The shop is located in Süsterfeldstraße 130 Aachen. During pre-Christmas season, because of high volume of visitors and Corona protection rules, they have opened a second location, right across the street from the original shop. Which is very thoughtful of the company in my opinion, but unfortunately the second spot lacks some variety of cholocates. What I loved the most is that the chocolate shop is especially great during Christmas holiday! It is decorated in all of the best Christmas traditions, you can find lots of chocolates on discounts and buy special chocolate gift packs for you friends and family! My favorites were of course chocolate Teddy Bears and Chocolate Santa Clause! And how beautifully decorated are those chocolate candy bags. So elegantly!

I got three packages of special Christmas chocolate bags, as well as tons of chocolate spreads and the finest Lindt cacao! There are dozens and dozen of chocolates there with hundreds of different flavors, vanilla, cherry, cranberry, strawberries, dark lime, orange, nougat, and so so many more. Once you are there, you cannot stop shopping! No I mean it. You just get lost in all of those chocolates variety and of course you want to try it all. Especially if you love chocolate as I do. It’s just that they have so many of them! If you are curious, you can always check the online shop!

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Hope you liked the post and maybe one day will visit one of their factories or stores (or both)! Or maybe you have already been their? Share with me your impressions of Lindt and their chocolate! Don’t forget to like and follow my blog. Stay safe and see you soon in my next blog post! 

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