Bonn Rheinaue Park Photo walk

Hi, everyone! And welcome to my first Photo Walk post. Today, while I am daily working on preparing new content for you, I would like to share one of my past photo walks – back from summer 2018 in Bonn. I lived in Bonn from spring 2018 till around spring 2019 and during that time frame I did a lot of exploring around the city. Most of all I enjoy being surrounded by beautiful nature, that is why one of my most favorite places is Rheinaue Park. I have been there on multiple occasions – from simple roaming around the park to planned photo walks and special events like holidays, jamming sessions and different concerts. The park is huge, it has lots of beautiful corners, has direct access to the Rhein river, there are many gorgeous flowers and trees, Japanese garden, café and restaurants around. In summer you can also see many small kiosks selling ice-cream and cold beverages. It has beautiful view on nearby building of DHL.

What is also worth mentioning that there are many animals and birds – you can see squirrels, little turtles, ducks, nutrias, beautiful swans. Me and my friend fed nutrias there on multiple occasions. And you won’t believe it – they are not afraid of people at all. Those guys are so used to human beings, that they come to you running and asking for food. But just a word of advice – do not come too close to them, they would be so eager to get food, that they won’t be ashamed to take it out of your hands and accidentally bite your finger!

Another memorable time was when I met a cute family of ducklings with their mom and beautiful swan posing specially for my camera as I love to think. Ohhh, I could stay there forever taking pictures of those. They are all so nice and cute! 

Well, that is all for my photo walk in Rheinaue Park in Bonn. I highly recommend it for a visit, especially in spring and summer. Stay tuned for more and don’t forget to like the post!

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