Merry Christmas to You!

Hi, there, my dear friends! Today, 25th December, is a special time of the year – it is Christmas! Merry Christmas everyone! I hope this year will bring you lots of happiness and health! To me this is very beautiful day, filled with joy, aroma of eggnog and room filling with endless array of Christmas songs and binge watching of Christmas movies. I personally love it – watching Home Alone is like a sacred tradition for me and my family to do on Christmas. This year, I have always added new movie Christmas Chronicles to the list. Will be watching second movie this evening. Yesterday was Christmas Eve and I wanted to share with you how I spent it in Cologne. 

Unfortunately due to Coronavirus and current lockdown I have spend my Christmas away from my family and friends, but this didn’t affect my Christmas mood and I decided to get most out of it. I am always extremely excited around this season. I start with Christmas songs on Spotify already in the beginning of December, decorating my Christmas tree and buying all the presents. Trying to find as many lights to put all over the place. Even my Teddy bear gets a necklace made out of the Christmas lights!  

I have spent the day rather relaxed, in the morning I worked a little bit and in the afternoon the exciting part began! Making eggnog, backing the traditional duck, cooking mashed potatoes with beans and mushrooms! It appeared to be so tasty. I could barely wait to eat all of it! And of course, in the evening – setting up the table, decorating it with some small things and tasty chocolates I got from Lindt Chocolate shop in Aachen. It looked pretty good I should say. I spent another 30 minutes taking all possible pictures of my dinner table – all different angles with all possible lights and filters. During dinner I have watched Christmas Chronicles (1st part) –  such a nice Christmas movie. Afterwards of course came the apart of congratulating my family and friends (over the phone this year) and of course opening presents! Yay!

This year I got in-ear headphones. Finally won’t have to deal with all the wires of my old earphones! And in addition I have decided to  spoil myself a bit this Christmas and get myself a nice outfit – skirt and blouse. Well, that was how I spent my Christmas Eve in 2020. Pretty comfortably at home – nice and cozy. And what did you do during Christmas? 

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