Castle Wilhelmsburg/ Schloss Wilhelmsburg

Schloss Wilhelmsburg in Schmalkalden

Hi, there, dear friends! It has been a while since my last post. Life happened as they say! But today I have prepared a new blog post for you about Castle Wilhelmsburg! It was one of my most favorite spots in Schmalkalden. On a sunny day I could just grab a cup of coffee and a croissant from nearby bakery, go up to the Castle, cozy up on one of the benches and enjoy the view on the town reading one of my books or even preparing for upcoming exams. Fresh air, castle, beautiful view of the town – what can be better? Now let me tell you a little bit more about the castle and show few pictures.

View from the Castle Wilhelmsburg on the city. On the right you cans see St. George Church, one of the oldest protestant churches of Germany.

Castle Wilhemsburg was build quite a while ago – back in 1585 – 1590 by the landgrave of Hessen Wilhelm IV as a summer residence. The landgrave used the castle as a secondary one. The son of the landgrave used to stay at this residence quite often. It is considered a unique architectural gem among Renaissance Castles of Germany, as since 1590 it didn’t undergo any major changes. It remained untouched and preserved its original look to great extend up till nowadays. Wow, right?

But there is more to the Castle Wilhemsburg than that! Wilhemsburg Castle ahs one of the oldest Europe’s organs which can still be played! That is just mind-blowing! Apart from Castle, there is a museum, where you can experience the guided tours both in English and German. The chapel of the Castle can also be used for weddings. During winter time, on the territory of the castle, you can enjoy medieval Christmas Market. And during summer period, the official graduation ceremony is held there! Unfortunately, I was lucky enough to graduate in the Corona Virus pandemic, so I didn’t get a chance to have a real graduation ceremony. But I attended one of my friend and it was simply great!

Apart from all the above, Castle Wilhelmsburg is located right in the center of Schmalkalden, a bit up the hill. In just matter of minutes, you can reach the St. Georg Church, enjoy the view of half-timbered old houses, shop for souvenirs and of course have a coffee and croissant in one of the bakeries nearby. Whenever you visit Schmalkalden, I highly recommend to see this gem in Thuringen. I hope you enjoyed the post! Leave your comments and follow me on social media for more pictures!

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