New Year’s Resolutions 2021

Howdy, there, my dear friends! Happy New Year 2021! Here we meet again, in a brand new year. I am very happy to see you and want to wish you an amazing year ahead. Let all your dreams and hopes come true. And, more importantly – stay healthy and safe. In today’s blog post I would like to talk about very interesting topic of New Year’s Resolutions. Have you ever heard of those? I bet you did. Simply put New Year Resolutions is a process in which people make a resolution, promise of a kind, to accomplish something in the upcoming year. Those can be very different – from walking more, eating healthier; doing more sports, taking a piano lesson to starting a new business, buying a house or even moving to another country. It is all up to your wish.

This year actually, I was curious enough to find out from my friend a bit on the history of New Year Resolutions. What I heard was so interesting! New Year Resolutions seem to date a long way back. It is actually believed that the concept itself goes back 4.000 years to ancient Babylonians, who as the matter of fact also hold the title of first people to actually celebrate the New Year. According to the sources, they used to reaffirm loyalty to the king, resolute to good behavior, giving back debts in New Year etc. Similar practice existed among ancient Romans, who, during the time of Julius Cesar, used to celebrate the New Year and dietary Janus, who they promised a good conduct in the upcoming year. The God would favor those, who stuck to their promises.

Nowadays, the concept in extremely widespread all over the world. Therefore, this year, I have decided to join it too. Previously, I have done it only on one occasion and unfortunately was not able to make everything on my list on time. Year 2020 was very challenging for me, both physically and emotionally, as for all people around the world. 2020 was very troubled year, but this is not a sad post – for me this is a post of hope for the bright future. I want to enter New Year 2021 with ambitions and hope to improve and grow despite the situation all over the world. That is why I have decided to make a list with the small, but important things that I am looking forward to do this year – with a lot of hope and ambitions to accomplish everything on the list.

Among my Resolutions for 2021 are really very small and simple ones:

  • Read 15 books;
  • Master 15 recipes (I am not good of a cook, that is why);
  • Get more organized and improve my concentration;
  • Meditate more;
  • Do more sports;
  • Reach level C1 in German;
  • Do up to 10 professional courses;
  • Write 100 blog posts;
  • Travel more (if Corona situation allows of course).

So, that is, basically, what I am looking forward to in 2021. And did you write a New Year’s Resolutions list this year? What are your resolutions? Or do you think that the New Year Resolutions is not something worth spending your time on?

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