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Hi there, friends, today I would like to talk to you about learning German! Yes, exactly. For me learning German was and still is extremely complicated. I have tried many different methods of learning – from attending group classes, 1-on-1 lectures to having a tandem partner and learning via apps and websites. In this particular blog post, I have decided to do a review of some smartphone/tablet apps for learning German. We all know, that in past few decades the number of smartphone users grew significantly all over the world, people are inseparable with their phones using apps from grocery shopping to taxes and travel. And language learning apps are no exception. It is very convenient way to learn. Anywhere – you just need your phone, installed app and in some cases internet connection. First, I would like to start with the apps I use almost on daily bases.


Price – Free and Premium Versions (1 month for 12,99 euros or you can benefit for cheaper price if you opt for 12 months membership)

Availability: Play Store and App Store

Description – one of my favorite language apps for learning German or number of other languages as per your liking. The functionality of an app in free version is perfect. The app is built in very interactive way. You get to learn grammar, practice pronunciation, listening skills and improve vocabulary. Your results are shareable with your friends; you also have an option to follow your friends in their learning journey. What I personally enjoy is the encouragement messages and the Duolingo owl. It is so cute! But, on a serious note it is simply amazing possibility for you to start learning German or improve your existing knowledge in fun interactive way.

DW Learn German App for levels A1, A2 and B1

Price – Free

Availability: Play Store and App Store

Description DW is among my favorite learning methods due to few simple reasons – it is free and offers a huge amount of materials for learning. I don’t use apps often though, as I can always go to the website of DW and find even more materials there. Plus, website is more convenient for me because I work too much at my laptop and it has broader selection of levels including B2 and C levels. You can also check their website out. The website offers a free placement test if you are not sure about your current level of German. After that, you can easily navigate and download an app of respective level or learn the levels through the website. The selection of levels on website goes through A1 to C level and each level offers you different sets of materials, videos, lectures with manuscripts and exercises. I highly recommend this source.

Volkshochschule Apps for levels A1-B2 Beruf

Price – Free

Availability: Play Store

Description – I first encountered this website/app while doing my Integration Course in German and immediately fall in love with it. It is totally free, you just have to sign up for it and you can immediately start learning. The courses are from A1 to B2 Beruf (Profession/Work) and they cover so many different topics. Each level provides all spectrum of exercises – grammar, listening skills, vocabulary. After each topic, you will be given a test, which will check your understanding of the material.

What I loved most is their writing exercises. The thing is that after you sign up for the course, you will get a tutor assigned to you, who will be checking the written assignment of yours and sending you the feedback with correction. Nevertheless, you have to be patient and wait a bit for it. You can imagine that many people are doing this course and tutors will need some time to get back to you.


Price – Free and Paid Membership (12 months Premium Plan costs € 2,92 / month (Billed annually) and Premium Plus Plan costs € 3,33 / month (Billed annually))*

Availability: Play Store and App Store

Description – Actually Bussu was the first app I have ever used to learn German back in 2011 I think. I used it to practice and learn new words mostly. I used it before going to German Summer Course in Kassel. I was pretty scared that I will be falling behind the class (it was only A1 at the time), so I decided to learn at least smth before going to Germany. Found it very good, especially the feature of connecting to native speakers and also that writing and speaking tasks can be checked and corrected by native speakers. I am currently revising my German with this app too. I find it good for learning purposes. Of course you cannot use it as only source of learning, but it is very good to use as addition, as it can help you quite well. It has many grammar explanations and it even provides you some words in different dialects, which I see not so often in other apps. I opted out for the Premium Plan of 12 months – the cost of which is 3,92 euros per month (billed yearly though). When I decided to buy the subscription, the price was pretty low. The free version is, of course, limited. Some exercises and quizzes in free version are not available, though it is still a great tool to exercise your German. I personally find the price of membership affordable compared to other apps. 

Der Die Das App

Price – Free

Availability: Play Store and App Store

Description – an app of great help when learning articles in German. We all know how big a struggle it is to memorize all article of German language. It can drive you crazy sometimes. I find an app Der Die Das very helpful in these regards. The app is divided into four categories “Search”, “Favorites”, “Rules” and “Game”. In the search part, you can find a word you are looking for. The result will come out with the articles and the definition. For definition, app will redirect you to the Wikipedia article, where you can find out even more about the word of your choice. You can bookmark the words and it will automatically add those to favorites list. I also liked the Rules part, where you can read rules on the articles in German and refresh your knowledge. Nevertheless, most of all I enjoyed, of course, the last part of “Game”. Game has three different levels and it quizzes you about the articles if some words giving you Last Game Results you have made. Fun way to learn, right?

Apart from those above, there are many other apps for learning German. You can check a brief overview of them below.


Price 7 days free trial, after which there is monthly (10 euros per month) or yearly subscription (4 euros per month billed annually at the rate of 44 euros).

Availability: Play Store 

Description an app offers the possibility to learn German by reading of stories. In the beginning, you can choose the level of your German language knowledge starting from A1 to C1. I have decided to try B2 level. You can choose to read the story, listen to it, do the quiz to check the comprehension of the text and after there is an option to also see the grammar used in the text, which is pretty cool.  If you navigate to the section “All Stories”, you will get a glimpse of all stories from different levels. It is interesting way of learning, where you can also find out many new things and read interesting stories. Perfect if reading is your hobby. Free membership is valid only for 7 days as a trial, after which you have to buy a membership.


Price – Free and Premium subscriptions (7 days free trial, after which the 12 months subscription costs 41,99 euros (3,50 euros per month); 6 months – 29,99 euros (5,00 euros per month); 3 months – 26,99 euros (9,00 euros per month) and 1 month is 10,99 per month. What is interesting that only 12 and 6 months subscriptions include the learning of all languages, while all other types of subscription let you learn one language at a time.

Availability: Play Store and App Store 

Description – another app I had a chance to check out. The interface is pretty nice and easy to navigate. The free functionality of the app is very limited unfortunately. You cannot learn more than 5 new words per day, can do neither listening exercises nor check out the grammar.  As in many other apps, you will first hear the pronunciation of the word and then app will check your understanding of it by multiple-choice questions. Typing in the answer only a part of premium subscription. In general, app is fine, but only if you have access to the premium subscription. 

Learn German Phrases | German Translator by Bravolol

Price – Free

Availability: Play Store 

Description – app for learning German words and phrases. As you download and open it, you will immediately see categories of phrases you can learn from common phrases to animals, sightseeing and occupation. You will hear the pronunciation of the words and will be able to choose between slower mode and faster mode of pronunciation. Useful app if you want to learn new words. You also have a possibility to save some words to your favorites list and come back to repeat them later.

Learn German A1-A2-B1-B2 Free with Explanation

Price – Free

Availability: Play Store

Description – one more source for learning German I found on Google Play. Basically, it is an app for learning German grammar. It goes from level A1 all the way to level C1. Each level has a number of grammar topics with introduction to specific grammar topic and some test for you to check understanding of material. I think it is a pretty good app for learning grammar with explanation and some training material.


Price – App is free for download, but 1-on-1 lessons are paid depending on the rate of specific teacher you choose.

Availability: Play Store and App Store

Description – Italki is not just any other language app. With Italki you can learn languages directly with native speakers. The point of the app is to connect language learners and teachers from all over the world. After you register on the app, you can choose the language you want to learn and find a 1-on-1 teacher for yourself. In the overview of all possible language tutors, you will see which other languages this tutor speaks; can see brief video intro and also the price for both regular and introduction lesson. You can choose a tutor according to your needs and affordability. 

Mein Weg nach Deutschland

Price – Free

Availability: Play Store and App Store

Description – App by Goethe Institut, it is completely free of charge. It consists of two categories “Deutsch Üben mit Nevin” (“Exercise Your German with Nevin”) and “Wissen Über Deutschland Testen” (“Test Your Knowledge about Germany”). Each category is divided into some topics, where you can watch a video and do the test. Not my favorite app, but worth checking out.

Learn and Play. German words – vocabulary & games

Price – Free or buy Premium Features for 2,69 euros*

Availability: Play Store 

Description – Another app to learn German words. The idea behind is flashcards of German words, which are divided into categories by topic. You learn the word, after which you can test yourself in the form of games of your choice – “Choose the Right Word”, “Choose the Right Picture” or “How is it Spelled?”. I would say that it is fine app to try out. The interface is simple, but it is understandable and effective especially for beginners who want to learn new words. Especially helpful it is to hear repeatedly German articles that go with those words.

German for Beginners: LinDuo HD

Price – Free

Availability: Play Store 

Description – Another fun app to learn German vocabulary as beginner. Here the learning process is based on the flashcards. First, you see the flashcard and the word, which it represents. You can hear how the word is pronounced. After you will be asked to choose, between two words, from which one corresponds to the shown flashcard. The app also has a game “true or false” – you are given an image and a word. You have to do is decide if given word corresponds to the picture or not. I found it fun thing to do.  Although, interface looks a bit more for children, but as an adult you can also enjoy bright images and cards.


Price – Free and Premium Subscriptions with options of monthly installments of 8,99 euros per month; 69,99 euros per annum; or you can also opt in for lifetime membership of 139,99 euros.*

Availability: Play Store and App Store

Description – When opening an app for the first time, you can choose the language you speak, which has the wide selection of languages including English, Russian, Spanish, French and many more. After you should choose the level, you have in German – either beginner or intermediate.  The sign-up options include Facebook, Google and Email. You can use this app either free of charge with limited functionality or subscribe for premium membership. The app is divided into small blocks of topics, like Words and Phrases, Asking Yes/No Questions and so on. Each block teaches specific set of words and phrases in the form of small video and audio recording. After each few words you learn, you get a small test checking how well you understood the material.

I really liked the app. It is well suited for the beginners just starting to learn German. The great advantage was that it is not only one person in the video pronouncing the words and phrases, but set of different people with different pronunciations and dialects.


Price – Free and Premium Subscriptions (Free 7 days trial and after three subscription plans available: 12 months (8.00 euros per months or 95.99 euros charged every 12 months); 3 months (13 euros per month or 38.99 charged every 3 months) and 6 months (10.00 euros per month charged 59.99 euros every 6 months))*

Availability: Play Store and App Store

Description – I have tried Babbel quite a while ago and it looked rather interesting to me. The app takes you through beginner to intermediate levels. Every level is divided into set of courses. Each course is subdivided into certain number of lessons. I enjoyed that every course has a brief description of you will learn in this specific course. You develop listening skills, practice pronunciation and train your vocabulary. Quizzes help you strengthened the learned materials. Unfortunately, the app doesn’t have more advanced levels options and free learning possibilities is limited. Apart from that, you can actually learn quite well in the app provided you opt in for premium subscription. 

Rosetta Stone

Price – Free and Premium Subscription (3 months – 14,66 euros per month billed 43,99 euros every 3 months; 12 months – 9,17 euros per months billed 109,99 euros every 12 months or lifetime access for 194,99 euros in one time payment)*

Availability: Play Store and App Store

Description – a bit different app. Once I downloaded it and registered, I was quickly redirected to the first page with choice of topics. Unfortunately, since I have opted free membership, I was provided with only 30 minutes of content. If you want access to any other topic, you have to pay for the membership subscription. The concept is a bit different from what I am used to – it took me right to the exercise, there is no explanation of grammar per se. You just have to listen and choose the right answer. It is represented more as complete immersion tool with no explanations provided. Honestly, I didn’t like this app much – no explanations, just some random sentences and words coming at you. You just start doing, by pressing some options and hoping it is correct one. Plus it is way overpriced for me as a recent graduate with no job at the moment. 

*Please note, that prices mentioned in the article were valid on the date of publishing the article. They might be subject to change in future.

I hope this post was helpful for you! I, myself, know the struggle of learning German and trying to find the best possible way of learning. I wish you luck with your present and future endeavors with German language and hope you will reach the results you are looking for!  

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