Photo Walk in Dhünntalsperre

Hi, there, my dear friends! Today I would like to share with you my Birthday Photo Walk in Dhünntal. Due to Coronavirus restrictions I had to restrain myself from usual celebration and meeting my beloved friends and just get the most out of it travelling to the forest and enjoying a day in the wilderness. And it was pretty amazing!

Dhünntal is located in Bergisches Land, between Odenthal and Wermelskirchen. It offers perfect opportunity for hiking and exploring the nature around. The area belongs to the nature conservation area. It took approximately one hour to reach the place. We travelled there by car and found a small parking lot called Wanderparkplatz Kleinklev, from where we started our walk to see the lake and forest. Unfortunately when we headed out, the weather got suddenly very cloudy and a bit rainy. But it didn’t stop us and we continued onwards into the forest.

Ohhh, and it was amazing. The fresh air of the forest, pine trees and small batches of mushrooms here and there. Birds singing from the top of the trees. You won’t believe, but I am a huge fan of taking pictures of mushrooms, it one of my biggest hobbies. I loved it. And there is so much to explore. We spent only 3 hours walking around and we saw just a tiny bit of the place. One of the most memorable was a view point with a wooden table and chairs and a beautiful view on lake.

Once we reached the viewpoint the weather started getting a bit better and we were even able to see some batches of clear blue sky! And, of course, I was able to take few nice pictures of the lake.

After 3 hours of walk we headed back to the car to make it home before it is completely dark. On the way back I was able to take few more pictures of the nice blue sky.

That is shortly about my trip to Dhünntal. Of course, I could wish for better weather, but the place was so nice and beautiful, that I could not wish to spend my birthday in any other way.

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