Felsberg Diaries

Hi, there, friends! And welcome to my Felsberg Diaries. I came to Germany for the first time back in summer of 2011 to do a language course. My German level was at that time only A1, so you can imagine how scared I was of people talking to me or even looking at me. And Felsberg was the first town I have ever visited and lived in. So, in today’s post I would like to tell you more about it.

Felsberg is a small town located in the state of Hessen, approximately 35 km from Kassel. The town consists of 16 districts with total number of population slightly more than 10 000 residents. The town and it’s two biggest districts are divided by the beautiful river of Eder. The town has a good connections, both bus and train. From its train station you can take a train to other neighboring cities. It is very convenient to use – especially when going to Kassel – just some 30 minutes and you are there!

In the first century of our era, the lands of the lower Eder belonged to the Germanic Chatti tribe. Another historical mention of the town dates back to 1060 year, with the first mention of Counts (Graphs) of Felsberg. It is believed that they were related to the Counts of Reichenbach. Unfortunately, due to my poor German skills I couldn’t find too much information about the history or even ask the locals about it.

The most of all I enjoyed the nature of course – the castle on the top of the hill, picturesque fields, and fresh air. Ohhh, the air there was so amazing, just so fresh. I love rural areas in Germany most, they are least polluted and only there you can really enjoy the most fresh air! Although we lived a bit further away from the train stop, it was always enjoyable to walk past half-timbered German houses grasping the century long history and imagining how those streets would have looked back then. My brain would always wonder to those times imagining carriages with horses on the streets, ladies in long dresses and corsets and of course gentlemen in black suits giving the hands to the ladies coming out of those carriages. Quite a picture, right?

The town might be small, but it had all the needed amenities – supermarkets, bakeries, cafes and small clothing shops. And whatever you could not find in there, you can easily find in Kassel – only 30 minutes away by train.

If you want to know more about the beautiful town of Felsberg and its history, find below the useful links (unfortunately only in German):

  1. Website of Felsberghttps://www.felsberg.de/
  2. History of Felsberg http://www.burgverein-felsberg.de/langtexte/Geschichte/sc%20ltx%20dreiburgenstadt.htm

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