Sunset Photo Walk in Wiesbaden/Mainz

Bridge between cities of Wiesbaden and Main

Howdy, my dears! Apologies for such a long absence from blogger scene. Have to be honest with you – still trying to get used to working schedule of Monday-Friday 9:00-18:00. Which is pretty tough, especially first few weeks. But now I am back and ready to post again. Today I have been going through some stuff on my hard drives in search of some nice content to share with you from all my years here in Germany. And some minutes ago I finally found it! Going through all those pictures brought back so many memories, those nice sunny day – long walks along the river holding my camera and ready to take a shot from every angle. Ohhh, so amazing.

The decision to go for a walk that day I have made very spontaneously. Was just chilling at home watching some series and at some point simply looked outside the window. The weather was nice, it was sunny, the birds were singing on the tree next to my house. I looked back at my laptop and asked myself – what are you doing at home in such a nice weather? I mean, let’s be honest – I live in Germany, sunny days like that are not extremely common during spring. More rainy and cold weather. Therefore, I quickly grabbed my camera and rushed outside. The place came to my mind very quickly – it was already late afternoon and what could be better than taking some sunset pictures next to the bridge? I quickly hoped on the first bus and there I was, going to enjoy the beautiful day.

The bus stopped just few meters from the bridge. And yes, this bridge basically connects two cities. And what is even better – if you buy monthly ticket for Wiesbaden, it covers both cities. So, you can imagine how much time I have spent roaming around those two beautiful cities.

And guess what? Not only have I been able to enjoy the sunset, but I also found the most amazing ship. Ohhh, how many shots have been done there. But, no worries, I will not spam you with all of them. The selection process of what to post was more like a torture to be honest.

Well, that is the outcome of my sunset walk between Wiesbaden and Mainz. I hope you enjoyed the gallery. I highly recommend to enjoy this place if you love photography or just for a walk.

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