Photo Walk in Bad Salzungen

Hi, there, friends! Today I have decided to share with you my old Photo Walk around Bad Salzungen. This Photo Walk happened quite a while ago, back when I was a student in Schmalkalden. Since we had a free student ticket around Thüringen, we would often travel around the neighboring towns and villages. The nature there was just amazing!

The name Bad Salzungen comes from the word “Salz” translated as “salt”. It was named so due to the salt deposits in the region. Now the town is well-known for it’s salt water health resort. Actually if you noticed, many towns in Germany have “Bad” as a part of the name. Basically this means, that there is spa resort in the town (Bad Neuenahr-Arweiler, Bad Münstereifel)! All of them have spa resorts. Cool, right?

The town itself is very beautiful, especially thanks to the beautiful buildings of the spa resort and a lake. It is surrounded by most beautiful nature, has numerous parks and small bakeries around, where you can enjoy a tasty cup of cappuccino and chocolate croissant.

And lake is Bad Salzungen is so amazing. Especially in summer, when it is hot and you can just sit in the shadow of the trees on the shore of the river enjoy its freshness and embracing the breathtaking view. I was lucky enough to see the rainbow over the lake, which was so amazing and memorable. Luckily my camera was able to catch a bit of it. You can also hire a small boat and just spend some time going around the lake.

If you are every somewhere around Thüringen and wandering about your next destination, Bad Salzungen is a perfect option for you!

3 thoughts on “Photo Walk in Bad Salzungen

  1. The town and resort building looks beautiful. We definitely would love to travel to and explore various parts of Germany in the very near future from Canada. Great post & photos! 🙂


  2. This looks so amazingly beautiful & peaceful! So glad that you got to experience this, and were able to share it with us! The lake with its fountains was my favorite picture!


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